IN THE SPOTLIGHT January 7, 2024

 A round of applause to Martin Fugere and Shold Excavating!


I want to give a shout-out to Martin Fugere and the crew at Shold Excavating!

I had an emergency during the holiday with a building I own. The sump pump(s) quit working and without them, the businesses could not operate during a critical time for them. Martin immediately responded to my call of desperation. He was able to order new pumps and get them installed in record time. I am so grateful for his concern and expertise. Thank you, Martin!

Also lending a hand were Good Man Sanitation, who had to pump out the sump pump, and Frederickson Electric who got the pumps wired up with short notice.  I appreciate you all!

On a side note, Shold also provides septic inspections, design, and installations.

Click here to visit their website.